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Dear Onyinye,

My #dsmentor event was for Saturday. I therefore needed to check the venue on Friday, to make sure all was set for our event.

After doing some work, mostly mental, I was tired and needed to refresh myself. I asked the marketing personnel if they had meat pies for sale.

“Of course, we do,” he replied

When I got to the bar where they had their meat pies on display, I asked the price of the healthy looking meat pies before me. N200 they answered.

“N200?” I asked.

The price was not different from the ones I bought the last time, even though they didn’t look as big as those before me.

“Let me have one please,” I said.

After the bite, my hunger vanished, strength returned, and I was energized. I summoned the marketing manager who supervised my purchase of 25 meatpies the Sunday before.

“Why weren’t the ones I bought the last time like these?” I queried.

“Oh man, those ones are the ones we normally sell,” he answered. “Onyinye is new, and therefore made a mistake with these ones.

“Ah! Mistake? Then let her make the same mistake tomorrow for my event,” I said strongly,” I want this type of meat pie for my event tomorrow. How much more will I need to pay?” I asked.

Strangely, for some reason the managers weren’t ready to accede to my request, rather blamed Onyinye for producing such fine-tasting meat pies.

Fearing that my request had put Onyinye in trouble with her managers, I decided to write her a personal letter.


September 26, 2014


I hear you made a mistake by producing today’s set of meat pies. I’d like to say it was a great mistake.

Please make the same mistake tomorrow.

I really enjoyed eating your meat pie.

All the best in life.

Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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