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The Law of Differences Opens Up Opportunities by @SundayAdelaja


While visiting Kiev, I listened to Pastor Bose Adelaja’s message at The Embassy of God English service. She spoke on a very practical practical topic, and enlisted commitments on the spot. The message was about giving back to our society. Some of the persons who were present were called on stage and they said what they would start doing in order to give back to their various communities. Today again, I listened to Pastor Sunday Adelaja himself. It was a message on The Law of Differences and how it opens up opportunities for us. It was so practical that I began to see instances where applying the law has benefited me.

I would like to share a few things I learned from the message.

There is a star in every person. If you do not take a minute to speak with people, you might miss out on the opportunities they are likely to present you. It is wisdom to be able to see something special in every person. It might take time, be patient and you will see the difference.

You need to be able to see, learn from, and imitate such difference. A wise person can learn from anyone.

Your future might be in the questions you ask the person. So ask more questions and speedily. If you see something, open your mouth and talk.

Do not allow familiarity cripple your relationships.
Don’t break the law of honor for those ahead of you in life. Honor them.

Abigail in the Bible honored David. She saw how Nabal her husband responded to David’s request and remedied the situation (1 Samuel 25). Rahab also applied the law of differences when she hid the spies (Joshua 2). In doing so, she secured the lives of her generation from destruction. Blind Bartimaeus saw the difference in Jesus and received his healing (Mark 10:46-52).

Proteges must see difference in their mentors. Members must see the difference in their pastors, leaders, and those God has put in charge of them.


I hope it blessed you.

Suffice to say, I am now addicted to the Adelaja syndrome of faith that works. Impossible is nothing. I hope you catch the bug too.

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Ike Amadi

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