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Wale Akinsiku

Don’t Enter Your Destiny Unprepared – Wale Akinsiku

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The season of preparation
By Wale Akinsiku

When a woman conceives, she does not immediately deliver, until the appointed time of delivery is completed.

Preparation is progress without outward activity.

Your performance is determined by the depth and quality of your preparation.

To prepare, one must be patient. God will never allow the unprepared to see new opportunities. Don’t rush through the season of preparation. Take time to prepare. The greater your destiny, the deeper the preparation that is required.

Based on what God has called you to do, your preparation might be much more intense.

In Esther 2:12-13 , the Bible tells us of the preparation of a particular role; not the role of a servant, not the role of the chamber maid, it was the role of the queen. It took 12 months of preparation before she appeared before the king. They prepared not just her outward beauty, but also her character, so that when destiny called her in Esther 4, she was ready to answer. She had learned about timing, she had learned patience, leadership, diplomacy, communication. Other people may have prepared for 5 days and showed up before the man. So the depth of your destiny determines the depth of your preparation.

When it comes to building, the foundation of a building when a tower is being built is different from when a bungalow is being built. For the tower, you dig deeper. But it is the strength of the foundation that will determine the height of the building. So if you are going through a season of preparation right now, and it seems to be endless, it is because your future is very colorful, it is because your future is very great.

When you are not well prepared, you risk your life unknowingly while pursuing opportunities. Your level of accomplishment in life is determined by your level of preparation.

Examples of those who prepared:

Matthew 10:1 Jesus and his disciples. The disciples were in prayers and supplication, preparing for the new level the Lord wanted to take them.

Jesus called them for a season of preparation – they prayed until they received the Holy Spirit which empowered them for ministry. Acts 1.

Matt 4:1 The Holy Spirit led Jesus into a season of preparation.

Matt 4:11, 16 People cannot see the great light that your destiny means, until you are prepared. Up until this point, they didn’t see the great light he carried. The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to prepare, and suddenly they saw the great light.

I pray for you. The great destiny God has put into you will not be lost in Jesus name. God will lead you through your season of preparation.

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness to prepare
Joseph also spent time to prepare.

Joseph interpreted dreams in the prison, and they all came to pass. Although Joseph pleaded with the Chief Butler to remember him, he forgot him (Gen 40:23).

Perhaps the reason people do not remember you, is because your preparation is not complete. Perhaps Joseph was not yet ready to interpret Pharaoh’s dream.

How do we know this to be true?
Because at a point in his life, he couldn’t even interpret his own dream, took it to his father and his father also didn’t know the meaning.

In Gen 40, he had developed capacity to fulfill dreams that will come to pass after 3 days, but he wasn’t ready to interpret the dream that will come to pass after 7 years (Pharaoh’s).

In Gen 41, the Bible records that after 2 full years, means he did summer school, his time of greatness came. God was preparing him to interpret Pharaoh’s dream.

He had only one chance to become great.

You are being prepared for one opportunity; the question is when that opportunity comes, and the double-doors to the palace of pharaoh is opened to you, what will you say?

When the dream was told Joseph, he interpreted it confidently.

When your preparation is complete, the opportunities you fought for, you struggled to get, suddenly begin to come your way. You do it with ease, and people will not understand that you had your season of preparation.

Perhaps you are in your season of preparation, don’t fight it!

If you get a great opportunity when you are unprepared, you may not be able to withstand the opposition that will come against you.

You’ll be prepared for your opportunity in Jesus name!

God shall usher you into a season of celebration in Jesus name. Prepare in faith for a season you are yet to see.

Prayer: Receive the Spirit of faith today in Jesus name, so that you have the faith and the capacity to prepare effectively for that season of celebration.

Are you connected to Jesus Christ? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?

Then pray this prayer:
Lord Jesus, come into my heart and be Lord and savior of my life in Jesus name.

Pastor Wale Akinsiku is the senior pastor of  House of Praise (HOP) – A Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America, Canada

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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