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#Shiloh2015 Day 3 Evening: Power answers to revelation.



By David Oyedepo

As gorgeous as power is, it answers to revelation far above intercession.

By revelation, confidence is built and it takes confidence to exercise authority.

Jude 1:6: “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling–these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.”

I read all the books Hagin has ever wrote.

CNN asked me what have I read, I told them I have read all that Hagin wrote, most that this man wrote.

I have been building my spiritual library since I was 20. I am a revelation hunter. If God can’t give me, I don’t need it and will never need it.

The last days church is a word dominating church Isaiah 2:3

Therefore in the name of Jesus I decree your unstoppable access to the light of the word.

Nothing like light. Faith calleth those things that be not as though they were.

Every time you enter into a covenant with God to serve him, he gives you round about same time. And someone heard it and took away his crutches.

When did you become prosperous?

The day I caught the light.

When did you start commanding signs and wonders?

The day I caught the light.

We are largely victims of our ignorance and not the devil.

The devil can’t stop you from taking delivery of your possession, but you need revelation. This is declared a night of word encounter for you.

Every challenge of your life has an expiry date.

Everything of long continuance is a curse. But the good news is that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, and nothing is permitted to be an issue on the Believer. Whatever you have suffered for a week is too long, therefore tonight on this mountain of testimonies, you will receive your miracle.

There is nothing mystical about science. It means to know what others do not know.

Until you are provoked you may not see a change. Anything of long continuance is a curse. Get angry. The curse was broken at calvary. You must therefore manifest the reality that the curse has been broken.

Let me show you what right you have in Christ: 1 Peter 5:10, If anything has gone beyond a while, it has violated the rule, it must bow tonight.

2 COr 4:17 – Our light affliction which is but for a moment. Whatever is more than a moment has violated the law of redemption.

As the word is going on now, every disobedience is being avenged.

Weeping may endure for a night.Psalm 30:5 – Anything beyond a night is a disobedience

Revelation 18:10 – IN one hour thy judgement comes. IN the name of Jesus, within the hour of this ministration, judgement has landed on your adversary. Judgment has landed on the root curse of that long continuance challenge.

Mercy came to Shiloh to 2010 with an infection which has lasted 20 years. As soon as she heard the Bishop say she will receive her miracle in the course of the hour. She cried to God and God visited her. Surprisingly, she began to hear clearly. Therefore, within the hour of this ministration , I decree judgment on the root c

From 2 Cor 6:2, the word says, I have heard thee in the time accepted…Now is the accepted time and today is the day of salvation.

Declare: I am walking free now from every curse of non continuance for now is my accepted time with God and today is my day of salvation.

Every oppression of the devil that has stayed on for more than a week, more than a month, more than a year, more than 3 years, tonight they are turned into a testimony in Jesus name.

Jesus says, “The day you connect is the day I manifest myself.” Someone is connecting with his faith right now, and you are walking into your liberty in grand style.

Shiloh is the mountain of word encounter, the mountain of testimony. And in the name of Jesus, your long awaited testimony is now.

[Speaks in tongues]

Is it not written, and by a prophet the Lord brought out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. The threat of your life is turned into a testimony tonight in Jesus name.

Isaiah 62:1 Awake from your sleep. Quote.

Whatever may have been choking you in the neck, react violently to it, put on a fight – the fight of faith and walk yourself into your liberty.

All over the world, I am asking you to awake from your slumber.

Men and brethren, if Paul and Silas were sleeping, they can be slaughtered for food. You can be kept in one hole for life if you don’t say enough is enough.

Everything beyond a night, an hour is enough, go ahead and pray!!

Pray: I am walking myself into liberty in the name of Jesus.

[Speaks in tongues] [Screaming] I am free!

Be specific to what you want to walk out of.

Look at that thing by faith and say,

You stomach ulcer you have expired, I am walking free from you in Jesus name.

That plague of barrenness, you have expired. Pack your luggage and go, I am now a fruitful vine.

Many your spiritual life has been held hostage, you can’t pray one second. “Father, son, holy Ghost and you are gone,” You can’t settle with the Bible for 30 minutes, but you can read newspapers for 3 hours.

Call every issue from which you must be free from tonight, “You are a force of disobedience, you are brought under my feet. I am free from it for life.”

Go ahead and pray.

Whatever represents the mark of witchcraft on your life. You are walking into your liberty right now in the name of Jesus. For every tree that my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted out and every prophet is anointed to root out, so I am standing in that prophetic office right now to root out everything challenging your Christian testimony.

That spirit husband will never come back your way forever. That spirit wife will have no more access to your life from this hour.

“For I am the Lord that confirmeth the words of my servant and perform the counsel of my messenger,” by redemption, you are far above the enemy therefore I decree deliverance over every oppression of the devil in your health, over your spiritual life. It is over now in Jesus name.

[Speaks in tongues]

Every oppression of the devil resisting your marital destiny is over now in Jesus name.

Your marital destiny is released in Jesus name. Every force resisting your fruitfulness is broken tonight in Jesus name. You are now declared a fruitful vine. As the Lord liveth, by Shiloh 2016, you shall bring your babies in Jesus name.

Before Shiloh 2015 is over, your turnaround testimony has taken place.

Any demonic force resisting the growth of any church hearing my voice, those forces are rooted out in the name of Jesus.

[Speaks in tongues]

A number of people have moving objects in their body. Everything making life unbearable for you, I command them out of your bodies in Jesus name.

Anyone who may have been poisoned under the sound of my voice right now, I command the nullification of that poison in your body now.

It is done!

Now, there will be instant waves of healing and deliverances. If you have any part of your body hurting, put your hand there. Any organ failing in your system, put your hand on your chest.

[Speaks in tongues]

Someone already fully paid for your healing. Himself took your infirmities. In the name of Jesus the Christ, be made whole now!

I command all malfunctioning organs to pick up for high level performance as at the beginning in the name of Jesus. Every victim of cancer is declared healed right now in Jesus name. Everyone carrying HIV virus you are liberated now in the name of Jesus. That migrane is gone now. That stiff neck is loosed now. That waist pain is gone now; in the name of Jesus Christ.

Every manner of sickness and disease not mentioned hitherto that is plaguing anyone’s life, I decree by the word of the Lord, Be set free now in the name of Jesus.

It is done, in Jesus name!

For the waves of healing still going on now, give God all the glory.

I saw the devil just molesting the people for free and my spirit man was provoked. Every word of God has healing and deliverance virtues. In the name of Jesus no one leaves here the same way he came in the name of Jesus Christ.

P.s this is more like the introduction to the main sermon. Posting the link to the live updates from the sermon in a minute.


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