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The Test


Very many today profess to be Christians who are on their way to Heaven, but then these same people barely show any proof whatsoever of their faith. To be honest, they aren’t really different in any way. I find myself to be totally guilty of this. Claiming to be a Christian but not bearing fruits. However, a lot has changed since coming across the part of the scripture which says “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves”. So then I understand that just as physical medical checks are important so also are spiritual examinations. You need to be a 100% sure of what you believe. No room for uncertainty my dear friend hence here’s a 15-point test to help out. Let’s get to the test now, shall we?

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The Final Say

Pride is fast becoming a marketable commodity, partly stemming from our need to see others express themselves in manners a little untoward. Such persons are hailed for their courage and resistance to existing dictums.

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And just like that the year 2012 has ended. Not too long ago, we celebrated New year and now it's 31st December already. Now on the verge of 2013, I can take one last look back into the year 2012…

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The Well.

Have you drawn from your well today?

While summer holidaying in Nigeria, I had the opportunity of drawing water from the well and thus observed certain things.

Before I go into my observations, let us quickly run through the steps of drawing water from the well: you position yourself very well, let the bucket down into the well by releasing the rope, then make sure the bucket is filled after which you pull it out of the well with the water in it.

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