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Read what our readers say about Do Something!


“In my opinion, the book is very realistically grounded. It provides everyday examples of what people face or what they can relate to and it shows them how to apply the principle of doing something.
I gave it to my sister to read and my cousin is waiting to also read it.”
– Abigail Mshelbwala, UK

I Just finished reading the ‘Do Something’ book and I was touched…I wept. I have never read anything like this and I know that it shall not be said of me that while I was in Moscow I did nothing. God Forbid!
– Jenny Oriakwu, Moscow

I finished reading my copy of “Do Something” today. It has been a glorious and challenging experience. This is a book I’m not reading for the last time. I’m so inspired and ever since I read the first chapter and made that choice, I’ve been out doing something. Brother, God has used you to start a revolution. As an aspiring writer, seeing such brilliance from a young man like you is so inspiring. I pray that The Lord will continue to use you to publish more books. To cut the long story short, thank you, Ike. Thank for taking time out to put out a book such as this. For me, the 200 rubles i paid seems like peanuts to what I’ve gained, and shaking your hand and having your autograph in my copy is an honor. God bless.
– Chalomba Chitanika



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