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The Fall: A Period of Preparation by Tolu Ogunniyi

Picture taken in the fall

I took a series of the picture above. The sight was just so beautiful I couldn’t look away. While taking those pictures, however, something occurred to me; why do these trees shed their leaves at this time of the year? Everyone notices it until the trees are bare right. Have you ever wondered why the season is called fall?

I want to think it is because leaves fall off the trees. But when I wondered why trees shed their leaves, it occurred to me that they do so because of the approaching season – when snow begins to fall; and they want to be alive after the season is over to show the world how beautiful they are with their leaves.

You will notice that after the trees shed their leaves, everywhere looks bare and empty and you almost do not notice the presence of the trees because there is nothing to draw your attention to it unlike when the leaves are falling or when the leaves are springing forth. We can say the trees are dormant at the moment right?

So likewise sometimes in our lives we enter a period of dormancy (not as a result of sin) and it looks like we are useless, invisible; we are not been used by God and we may even ask, Does God still have need for us?
Such periods are for our protection and preparation for the spring and summer when the snow has melted and everything starts blooming and look beautiful.

ogunniyi tolu

Picture taken in summer.

You see, when the time is right for God, He calls us once again to service, to worship, to spring forth and blossom. Come to think about it; even Moses in the bible had to go into hiding before God appeared to him and told him He wanted to use him. We know what happened during the period of his hiding before God appeared to him. (Exodus 2:11-21)
I’ll like us to know that we are never invisible to God. He just uses our down times to prepare us for days ahead.

Ogunniyi Tolu

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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